Migrated Essbase 11g On-Premises Artifacts

The following table describes which global, application-level, and cube-level Essbase artifacts you can migrate from Essbase 11g On-Premise, using the Lifecycle Management (LCM) utility. A .zip file, created by the LCM utility, contains the artifacts of the exported application.

Artifact Supported for migration Exceptions/Comments
Application and cube metadata yes Application metadata includes application type and settings. Cube metadata includes cube properties and settings.
Calculation scripts yes Application- and cube-level calculations are migrated. To see the calculation scripts, you must move application-level scripts to the cube level using the file catalog.
Data yes To be migrated, data must be in the cube directory in the file catalog.
Disk volumes no Disk volume definitions are not applicable.
Drill through definitions yes -
Excel workbooks and files yes -
Filters yes Cube-level filters and user-created filters are migrated.
Linked Reporting Objects (LROs) no -
Location aliases yes Location aliases are migrated with the cube.
Log files no -
Outlines and formulas yes -
Partitions yes

Replicated and transparent partitions are migrated.

Only partition definitions from the target cube are exported to the file system.

When migrating the partitioned cubes, you must import the source cube before the target cube; otherwise, partition definitions may not be restored.

Report scripts yes Report scripts are migrated at both application and cube levels.
Rule files, text files, .csv files yes Application- and cube-level files are migrated.
Scenarios NA Scenarios do not apply for Essbase 11g On-Premise applications.
Substitution variables yes Application- and cube-level substitution variables are migrated. Server-level substitution variables are migrated if you use the optional –include-server-level option.
Users no -
User roles - User roles are migrated if you use the -exportepmroles option.