Modify the Confidential Identity Cloud Service Application

After deploying the Essbase stack from Oracle Cloud Marketplace, update your confidential Identity Cloud Service application with the correct Essbase URLs.

  1. Log in to Identity Cloud Service as the identity domain administrator. To get to the Identity Cloud Service console from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, click Identity, then Federation, and click on the URL link next to Oracle Identity Cloud Service Console.
  2. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer icon, and then click Applications.
  3. Locate and select your confidential application.
  4. Select Configuration and expand Client Configuration.
  5. Update the Essbase Redirect URL to reflect the actual Essbase URL.

    If you deployed a load balancer, include the port number:

    Note that if you deployed a load balancer, the IP in the Essbase URL will be for the load balancer.

  6. Update the Essbase Post Logout Redirect URL to reflect the essbase_url. For example:
  7. Scroll up and save the updated confidential application.