Typical Workflow for Administrators

Use this workflow as a high-level guide to adminsitrator tasks for Oracle Essbase.

Task Description More Information

Address prerequisites prior to deployment

Know and perform the prerequisites, values, and tasks needed before deployment, including access, security, and resources

Before You Begin with Oracle Essbase

Deploy and configure Essbase and its required stack

Log into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and select Essbase in Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Enter the required metadata, and select the options that you prefer in Oracle Resource Manager setup wizard.

Set up Oracle Essbase

Perform post-deploment tasks Complete the required post-deployment tasks, including security, access, and resource cleanup

Complete Post-Deployment Tasks

Migrate existing Essbase deployments, data and content

Move data from Essbase 11g on-premises or cloud services to Essbase.

Migrate Applications and Users

Set up users

Set up roles for your users and assign them appropriate privileges.

Manage Users and Roles

Monitor perfomance and collect diagnostics

Monitor the operation of Essbase.

Collect Diagnostic Information on the Essbase Node

Patch an instance

Apply a patch or roll back a patch.

Patch and Roll Back

Back up an instance

Perform regular backups to protect content and allow you to restore it.

Back Up and Restore Essbase