Release - March 2020

Here’s an overview of new features, enhancements, issues, patches, other changes, and version information for this release.

Feature Description
Use existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure database for Essbase metadata Instead of using an existing Autonomous Database instance (or provisioning a new one) for Essbase metadata, you can now select an existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database instance.

HTTPS at Essbase compute node

Essbase compute instance in the stack is now secured by SSL using HTTPS, by default. You must deploy valid CA certificates; otherwise, some applications that do not support demo certs won't be able to connect. For example, Oracle Analytics Cloud Data Visualization. Load balancer is not required for HTTPS support.

KMS encryption is now required

You must now use encryption: a vault and key, for Essbase deployment. You can use a virtual vault, which is a lower-cost option than virtual private vaults.

Open source Terraform scripts You can use Oracle custom pre-built images with Essbase already installed. You can also customize deployment based on network topologies that you set up in your tenancy. For the Terraform scripts and instructions, see the GitHub Repository.

Version Information

Base OCI Image - Oracle Linux 7.7-2020.01.28-0

Software versions used in

  • Java 1.8.0 u241
  • Fusion Middleware
  • Essbase

Patches applied:

  • WebLogic patch set update January 2020 (30675853)
  • OPSS patch bundle October 2019 (30146350)
  • FMW patch 29840258
  • OPATCH FOR FMW/WLS (28186730)

Known Issues

Patches, Listing Changes, and Bug Fixes

For patching instructions, see: Patch and Roll Back in Administering Oracle Essbase documentation.
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