This configuration setting defines the value for the index cache size for Essbase cubes.

The index cache is a buffer in memory that holds index pages. Essbase allocates this memory at startup of the cube.

The value of the index cache size can be expressed in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes. Terabytes must be expressed in gigabytes.

This setting does not apply to aggregate storage cubes.



n—An integer value expressed in bytes (B), kilobytes (K), megabytes (M), or gigabytes (G):

  • Minimum value: 1 megabytes (1M)

  • Maximum value: 256TB

  • Default value: 100M

If a value is given without a B, K, M, or G qualifier, it is assumed the value is in bytes.

The qualifier can be in upper or lowercase and can be entered adjacent to the value (10M) or separated by a space (10 M).



Sets the index cache size of cubes to 200 megabytes.