This Essbase configuration setting overrides the default value of the number of threads that the application process (ESSSVR) can spawn. Application threads are used in calculations, client requires, administrative activities, etc.

When a transaction is requested, the application process (ESSSVR) assigns a thread to the transaction and releases the thread when the transaction is completed.


  • appname—Optional. Specifies an application; the SERVERTHREADS setting applies to all databases within the named application.

    If you do not specify an application, the setting applies to all applications and databases on the Essbase instance.

  • n—Specifies the number of threads that the application process (ESSSVR) can spawn; 20 to 1024, inclusive.

    The default value is 60.

    If you specify a value that is:

    • Less than the minimum, Essbase interprets the value as 20

    • Greater than the maximum, Essbase interprets the value as 1024


  • While the actual maximum value you can set is 1024, the maximum number of threads an operating system can handle might be much lower. Before specifying a value greater than the default value, check with your system administrator, as higher values can significantly consume system resources.

  • If the computer on which Essbase Server runs freezes while running multiple reports simultaneously, increase the value of SERVERTHREADS by one for each report you run.

  • Each application thread may create child threads for tasks such as parallel calculation, parallel data load or export, and parallel restructuring. If the total number of running threads is too high, threads may lose efficiency in contending for server resources.

  • When running a parallel calculation that includes the @XREF calculation function, the application associated with the database returns a timeout error if the number of threads specified for the CALCPARALLEL configuration setting is higher than the number of threads specified by the SERVERTHREADS configuration setting. For example, the default value of SERVERTHREADS is 20. If you set CALCPARALLEL to 25, an application timeout error is generated.



Allows all applications on Essbase Server to spawn up to 25 threads.


Allows the Sample application on Essbase Server to spawn up to 100 threads.