Set Server-Level Configuration Properties

If you have the Service Administrator role, you can configure Oracle Essbase server properties using essbase.cfg on the server domain. Server configuration properties apply to all applications and cubes on your Essbase instance.

In most cases, Oracle does not recommend that you modify essbase.cfg on the Essbase server machine. Most configurations are best to set at the application level. However, in some cases, you may need to edit the server configuration.

For Essbase 21c, essbase.cfg is located in <Domain Root>/<Domain Name>/config/fmwconfig/essconfig/essbase. If you do not know where that is in your environment, refer to Environment Locations in the Essbase Platform for an explanation.

The following steps tell you how to configure server-level properties and their corresponding values.

  1. Access Essbase server machine.
  2. Navigate to essbase.cfg. Example: <Domain Root>/<Domain Name>/config/fmwconfig/essconfig/essbase/essbase.cfg
  3. Open essbase.cfg in a text editor.
  4. Enter the property name and desired value. For example, AGENTPORT 1425.
  5. Save essbase.cfg.
    The configuration changes will take effect next time you stop and restart the Essbase server, as described in Start, Stop, and Check Servers.

For syntax and information about each of the configuration properties you can use, see Config Settings List.