Administrator Access Requirements

Learn about different kinds of administrative access requirements for setting up Oracle Essbase on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Administrator Type Description
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure administrator The administrator who is subscribed to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. This administrator sets up policies for access to resources in the compartment, and also designates the other administrators (listed below) during stack deployment.
IDCS system administrator The Oracle Identity Cloud Service identity domain administrator. This administrator is responsible for setting up Essbase access in Identity Cloud Service, including creating and modifying a confidential IDCS application.
IDCS Essbase admin user An Identity Cloud Service user selected to act as the initial Service Administrator for Essbase. During provisioning and deployment of the stack, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure administrator provides the ID of this user. This user can log in to Essbase and provision other users.
Essbase admin user This user is specified by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure administrator during provisioning and deployment of the stack. This is a native Essbase administrator used during deployment. This user ID provides an alternate way to log in to Essbase for administration of the Essbase environment/deployment.