Migrated 21c Artifacts

The following table describes which global, application-level, and cube-level Essbase artifacts you can migrate between cloud service instances. This covers migration, whether from Essbase on OCI or independent deployments, or from Essbase 19c applications on OCI.

Artifact Supported for migration from Oracle Analytics Cloud Exceptions/Comments
Application and cube metadata yes Application metadata includes application type and settings. Cube metadata includes cube properties and settings.
Application-level configuration files yes If these files exist, they're migrated.
Calculation scripts yes Application- and cube-level calculations are migrated.
Catalog server no Files listed under Files in the web interface under Applications/<appname> are migrated. Other files stored under Shared/Users folders aren't migrated. You can manually download them in the web interface and restore them.
Connections and Datasources yes Using Migration Utility, system- and application-level connections and Datasources are migrated.

Using CLI Utility, connections and Datasources created at the application level are migrated.

With both tools, you must include the following argument in lcmexport operations: -include-server-level (or its abbreviation -isl).

Data yes To be migrated, data must be in the cube directory on the cloud instance.
Disk volumes NA Disk volume definitions aren't applicable to Essbase cloud instances.
Drill through definitions yes Drill through definitions are migrated.
Excel workbooks and files yes Excel workbooks and files are migrated.
Filters yes Cube-level and user-created filters are migrated.
Global variables yes -
Layouts yes Cube-level layouts are migrated.
Linked Reporting Objects (LROs) yes LROs are included for backward compatibility with migrated on-premises applications.
Location aliases yes Location aliases are migrated with the cube. LCM doesn't support Location alias credentials migration. After you migrate your applications from 11g you must replace your location aliases. See Location Aliases section in Prepare to Migrate From Essbase 11g.
Log files no Log files aren't migrated.
MDX reports yes

Cube-level named queries are migrated. See Analyze Data with MDX Reports.

Outlines and formulas yes Formulas containing @XREF aren't migrated.
Partitions yes

Replicated and transparent partitions are migrated.

Only partition definitions from the target cube are exported to the file system.

Lifecycle Management (LCM) import and Migration Utility import do not support migration of federated partitions. Federated partitions must be recreated manually on the target, after migration from 21c to 21c.

Report scripts yes Application- and cube-level report scripts are migrated. The scripts are included for backward compatibility with migrated on-premises applications.
Rule files, text files, .csv files yes Application-and cube-level files are migrated.
Scenarios yes If a cube is scenario-enabled and has a Sandbox dimension, the related scenarios are migrated.
Substitution variables yes Application- and cube-level substitution variables are migrated. If you have global (server)-level substitution variables, you must convert them to application-level variables prior to migration, or recreate them in the Console after migration.
Users and groups - Users and groups are migrated using Migration Utility; they aren't migrated when using CLI tool.
User roles yes User roles can be migrated only from one Essbase cloud instance to another.
Wallet files yes Wallet files are migrated for the specified application.