About Migration Tools and Use Cases

Here is an explanation of various tools and uses cases for migrating applications.

Migration Tools

The following migration tools are available on the Essbase Console.


In relation to migration, references to ā€œ19cā€ in this document applies specifically to migration from Essbase "19c" on OCI Marketplace deployments. Otherwise, all migration content in this document applies to migration from Essbase ā€œ21cā€ or higher on Essbase independent deployments.
  • 11g Excel Export Utility (formerly Export Utility): Exports Essbase 11g applications to application workbooks. You can use the application workbooks to re-create the applications on the current Essbase version.

  • 11g LCM Export Utility (formerly LCM Utility): Exports artifacts from Essbase 11g On-Premise as a .zip file, which you can import in to Essbase 12c or higher. This Life Cycle Management (LCM) utility can also be used to export from, and import to, 11g releases of Essbase. This utility packages into a zip everything you need to support migration to the current version. Download EssbaseLCMUtility.zip, and see the enclosed README for usage details. With the 11g LCM Export Utility, you can create applications by exporting applications and cubes. You then import them using the Essbase Command Line Interface.

  • Command Line Interface (CLI) (formerly Command-line tool): A scripting interface that uses REST APIs to perform most common Essbase administrative actions. CLI includes an LCM import command you can use for migrating 11g LCM Export Utility .zip files exported from Essbase 11g On-Premise. The LCM export and LCM import commands also facilitate migrating applications from instances on versions 12c or higher. Use cases include:

    • Migration of applications from different instances of the same version (e.g. Dev > Test > Prod)
    • Upgrade utility for migration to higher versions of Essbase
    Both LCM commands are based on the REST API. You can access these commands in Essbase and run them from the following:
    • Jobs in the Essbase web interface: Export LCM and Import LCM jobs. These are used for 21c to 21c migration.
    • Command Line Interface (CLI): using lcmexport and lcmimport commands. lcmimport can be used to import data zip file originating from Essbase 11g, or from 19c or higher. lcmexport can be used for Essbase 21c to 21c migration. Using its login command, authenticate Essbase.
    • REST API: Execute Job operation (using jobtypes lcmExport and lcmImport)


    LCM export command can be used to export an application to a zip file and then LCM import is used to import it to the target version of Essbase. LCM Import command can alternatively be used to migrate an application originating from Essbase 11g (exported from 11g using the 11g LCM Export Utility to an export zip file and then imported from the zip file it to the target Essbasecommand-line).
  • Migration Utility: Manage migration of an entire Essbase instance, for Essbase 12c or higher. In addition to migrating application artifacts, this utility also helps you migrate user role assignments and users/groups from supported identity providers. Download migrationTools.zip, and see the enclosed README for usage details. The tool supports migration from Essbase 19c, 21c, or Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase instances where both source and target are configured for WebLogic or LDAP security mode (for independent deployments); or configured in IDCS (for OCI deployments). Use the Migration Utility between major versions and between un-patchable releases to ensure database schema integrity after migration. Not supported for use with EPM security mode.