Selective Export of Artifacts

You can control export by selectively exporting individual Essbase artifacts for cloud service migrations, using the CLI utility.

You can export individual artifacts, for example, exporting only rules, or outlines, or data, and so on. You can also use this process for periodic backup of individual artifacts.

Selective Migration, Backup, and Export

You can selectively export the following:

  • Cube - Export just a single cube from an application.
  • Essbase Files - Export particular files, such as Outline, Rule files, Drill Through reports, and others.
  • Data - Export only data. This can be useful for periodic backup of data.
  • Partitions - Export only partitions.
  • Filters - Export only security filters of a cube.

Supported Essbase File Types

The following Essbase file types are currently supported for selective export.

  • OTL
  • TXT
  • RUL
  • CSC
  • DTR

CLI Utility Command Options

The following command options have been added or changed to support selective export.


  • Export data only, from a single cube, for example, Demo.Basic:
    ./ lcmexport -a Demo –c Basic -z –d
  • Export a single cube only:
    ./ lcmexport -a Demo -z –c basic
  • Export only text files, from all cubes under Demo:
    ./ lcmexport -a Demo -z –ft txt
  • Export only partitions, from all cubes under Demo:
    ./ lcmexport -a Demo -z –ep
  • Export only the data from all of the applications:
    ./ lcmexport -aa -z –d
  • Export only outlines, from all cubes in an instance:
    ./ lcmexport -aa -z –ft OTL
  • Export all partitions of an instance:
    ./ lcmexport -aa -z –ep
  • Export all security filters of a single cube:
    ./ lcmexport -a Sample -z -c Basic –ef