Set Relational Database Connectivity

Before you can configure Essbase, you need network connectivity to a relational database where the Essbase and Fusion Middleware RCU schemas reside.

Oracle recommends deploying a distinct pluggable database (PDB) for Essbase. You can read about Oracle’s multitenant architecture here: Introduction to Multitenant Architecture.

  • No other applications should have access to the Essbase repository schemas generated by the Repository Creation Utility (RCU).
  • No one else other than the designated administrator should have permission to access the schemas or their tables.
  • No one else should have the credentials to assign or change roles to access the PDB.
  • Every change to the PDB should be logged.

Essbase integration with Autonomous Data Warehouse via federated partitions is enabled out-of-the-box when you use the Marketplace listing to deploy Essbase as a stack on your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy.

While working with federated partitions, you should size your Autonomous Data Warehouse to be able to handle both the RCU schema as well as your user schema where the fact table resides. You shouldn't use any of the RCU schema for the fact table.