Supported Compute Shapes

Oracle Essbase offers compute sizes (OCPUs) to suit different scenarios. The larger the compute size, the greater the processing power. If you're not sure which size to use, contact your sales team to discuss sizing guidelines.

Essbase can be Oracle Compute Unit (OCPU)-intensive depending on your application. The minimum number of OCPUs recommended for production deployments is 4 OCPUs. To help you decide which compute size best suits your deployment, consider how many active users you expect to perform concurrent activities such as:
  • Users running queries in hybrid mode
  • Users running calculations in block storage mode
  • Users running reports or queries in aggregate storage cubes

You can configure storage size when you deploy Essbase. Determine the storage size needed, or consult with your sales team to determine that your storage needs are met, based on the number of applications that you plan to deploy.

Essbase currently supports the following shapes:
  • VM.Standard.2.n
  • VM.Standard.E2.n
  • VM.Standard.E3.Flex
  • VM.Standard.E4.Flex
  • BM.Standard.2.52
  • BM.Standard.E2.64
  • BM.Standard.E3.128
  • BM.Standard.E4.n

For a description of the difference between VM and BM shapes, and a discussion on how to decide which to use, see