About Users and Roles

The following are common use cases for assigning access to users:

  • Users can view and access cubes (databases) for which they were assigned access to the related applications.
  • Power Users can create enterprise-level cubes and grant other users access to applications for which they have an Application Manager role.
  • Service Administrators can assign users at all levels and manage all aspects of the applications, cubes, and users.
  • Service Administrators can assign a Database Update role for users who need to update data in a cube.
To provide access to Essbase users, the following steps are required:
  • Assign Essbase user role
  • Assign Essbase application-level permissions

Access to Essbase is restricted by security, and managed by Oracle Identity Cloud Service. You create users and user groups in the Oracle Identity Cloud Service administration interface.

Oracle Identity Cloud Service doesn't support creating nested groups (assigning a group to a parent group).