View Job Status and Details

Essbase users have access to job status based on their assigned roles. For example, a Service Administrator can see all jobs; if you have the User role, you can see only the jobs you ran.

Because Essbase jobs run in the background, you must refresh the Jobs page to view their status.

The job listing shows all the jobs for all the applications provisioned to the logged in user. You can scroll down to see the history of all the jobs that you ran.

  1. On the Applications page, click Jobs.
  2. Click Refresh to refresh once, or click Auto Refresh to refresh the jobs every few seconds. In Cube Designer, job status refreshes automatically.

You can also view details for an individual job. To view job details, click the Actions menu to the right of the job listing, and select Job Details to see input and output details for a job.

You can kill jobs on the Console page, on the Sessions tab:
  1. On the Console page, click Sessions.
  2. Select the user, and the applications and cube in which the job is running.
  3. Select Kill All.

    This kills all jobs in the application and cube, started by the selected user.