Components of a NoSQL Store

Components of a NoSQL Database Store include the Store itself, Storage Node Agents, Replication Nodes, Admins, and Shards. Of these, Stores and Shards are abstract components that do not correspond to a particular service running on a host. Shards are implied by the existence of Replication Nodes that implement them, and a Store is implied by the existence of the components that belong to it. These components are discovered when components that imply their existence are discovered.

For example, the first time discovery is run on an agent where components belonging to a Store are running, the Store itself will appear as a Discovered and not Managed component to be added. After the Store is added, subsequent runs of discovery on other agents where the existence of the Store is implied will show that the Store is Discovered and Managed, with a recommended action to do nothing. Newly discovered components belonging to the Store will be added as Members of the Store.

Likewise, Shards may appear to be discovered on multiple hosts, but a single Shard need be added only once.