9 Integrating Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) with Oracle NoSQL Database

The monitoring of a store in Oracle NoSQL Database can be done through its native command-line interface (CLI). The monitoring data is available through Java Management Extensions (JMX) interfaces allowing customers to build their own monitoring solutions. For more information on monitoring data, see Standardized Monitoring Interfaces.

In this current release, the integration of Oracle’s Enterprise Manager (OEM) with Oracle NoSQL Database (Oracle NoSQL Database) provides a graphical management interface tool to discover and monitor a deployed store.

The integration of Oracle NoSQL Database with OEM primarily takes the form of an EM plug-in. The plug-in allows monitoring through Enterprise Manager of NoSQL Database store components, their availability, performance metrics, and operational parameters. The current version of the plug-in is compatible with multiple versions of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (EM 13.x versions). For more information see the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, Administrator's Guide.


For a Storage Node Agent (SNA) to be discovered and monitored, it must be configured for JMX. JMX is not enabled by default. You can tell whether JMX is enabled on a deployed SNA issuing the show parameters command and checking the reported value of the mgmtClass parameter. If the value is not oracle.kv.impl.mgmt.jmx.JmxAgent, then you need to issue the change-parameters plan command to enable JMX.

For example:

plan change-parameters -service sn1 -wait \
-params mgmtClass=oracle.kv.impl.mgmt.jmx.JmxAgent

For more information, see Standardized Monitoring Interfaces.

Also, the EM agent process must have read permission on the contents of $KVROOT.