Configuring Logging

The Oracle NoSQL Database Java drivers use standard Java logging to capture debugging output using loggers in the "oracle.kv" hierarchy. These loggers are configured to use a oracle.kv.util.ConsoleHandler class, and to ignore any handlers for loggers above oracle.kv in the logger hierarchy. As a result, logging will be performed to the console at whatever logging levels are configured for the various loggers and for the oracle.kv.util.ConsoleHandler class. You can adjust what console output appears for these loggers by modifying the logging levels for the loggers and the logging handler in their application's logging configuration file.

You can also configure additional logging handlers for all loggers used by the Java driver by specifying handlers for the oracle.kv logger.

For example, if you want to enable file output for Java driver logging at the INFO level or above, add the following to your application's configuration file (that is, the file you identify using the java.util.logging.config.file system property):

 # Set the logging level for the FileHandler logging handler to INFO

# Set the logging level for all Java driver loggers to INFO

# Specify that Java driver loggers should supply log output to the
# standard file handler

For information on managing logging in a Java application, see the java.util.logging Javadoc.