kvlite Utility Command Line Parameter Options

This section describes the command line options that you can use with the kvlite utility.

Note that you can only specify these options the first time KVLite is started. Most of the parameter values specified here are recorded in the KVHOME directory, and will be used when you restart the KVLite process regardless of what you provide as command line options. If you want to change your initial values, either delete your KVHOME directory before starting KVLite again, or specify the -root option (with a different KVHOME location than you initially used) when you provide the new values.

  • -help

    Print a brief usage message, and exit.

  • -host <hostname>

    Identifies the name of the host on which KVLite is running.

    If you want to access this instance of KVLite from remote machines, supply the local host's real hostname. Otherwise, specify localhost for this option.

  • -noadmin

    If this option is not specified, the administration user interface is started.

  • -port <port>

    Identifies the port on which KVLite is listening for client connections. Use this option ONLY if you are creating a new store.

  • -root <path>

    Identifies the path to the Oracle NoSQL Database home directory. This is the location where the store's database files are contained. The directory identified here must exist. If the appropriate database files do not exist at the location identified by the option, they are created for you.

  • -secure-config <enable|disable>

    If enabled, causes security to be enabled for the store. This means all clients connecting to the store must present security credentials. Security is enabled by default.

  • -store <storename>

    Identifies the name of a new store. Use this option ONLY if you are creating a new store.

    See Using the Authentication APIs for information on configuring your client code to connect to a secure store.