Specifying Consistency Policies

To specify a consistency policy, you use one of the static instances of the Consistency class, or one of its nested classes.

Once you have selected a consistency policy, you can put it to use in one of two ways. First, you can use it to define a default consistency policy using the KVStoreConfig.setConsistency() method. Specifying a consistency policy in this way means that all store operations will use that policy, unless they are overridden on an operation by operation basis.

The second way to use a consistency policy is to override the default policy using a ReadOption class instance you provide to the TableAPI method that you are using to perform the store read operation.

The following example shows how to set a default consistency policy for the store. We will show the per-operation method of specifying consistency policies in the following sections.

package kvstore.basicExample;

import oracle.kv.Consistency;
import oracle.kv.KVStore;
import oracle.kv.KVStoreConfig;
import oracle.kv.KVStoreFactory;


KVStoreConfig kconfig = new KVStoreConfig("exampleStore", 
    "node1.example.org:5088, node2.example.org:4129");


KVStore kvstore = KVStoreFactory.getStore(kconfig);