New Features in Release 4.5

Introducing Streaming API for Tables

Oracle NoSQL Database provides a Streams API that allows users to subscribe to changes made to tables by puts, updates and deletes. This new API is based on the Reactive Streams standard. Applications that use the Stream API need to be compiled with Java SE Development Kit 8, and require kvstore.jar for both compilation and at runtime.

Introducing C# Driver

The Oracle NoSQL Database C# driver allows native C# applications to access data stored in Oracle NoSQL Database tables using the basic get, put, and search operations.

Support for UPDATE in SQL Query

Added UPDATE statement support to perform single-row server-side updates with SQL. The UPDATE command syntax supports the standard SET clause, as well as extensions to support ADD, REMOVE and PUT clauses for adding and removing elements and fields to/from arrays and maps. The existing Oracle NoSQL Database path expression can be used to identify the target fields to update both inside JSON datatype or in the strongly typed datatypes.

Disk Usage Enforcement Using Storage Directory Size Parameter

The storage directory size parameter is now used to enforce disk usage. Starting with this release, if the storage disk size is not specified for replication nodes (RNs), the Oracle NoSQL Database storage engine may use all available free disk space except for 5GB of reserved free space. We strongly recommend that all applications:

  • Specify storage directories and sizes for all RNs, and

  • Monitor disk usage using the new availableLogSize statistic and take correction action well before this value reaches zero.

Write operations will be rejected and only read operations will be allowed when the storage size is in danger of being exceeded.

5GB Minimum Disk Space Requirement

Starting with this release, a minimum of 5GB disk space is required for the kvlite and kvstore service to start.