3 Exploring the Oracle NoSQL Database Store Using Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer provides a read-only interface to Oracle NoSQL Database stores. It does not currently support table creation, data creation, modification, or deletion.

See the following:
  • To create, modify, or delete tables, execute the appropriate DDL statements against the store, see the section titled Table Data Definition Language Overview in the Getting Started with Oracle NoSQL Database Tables guide .

  • To load data into your table(s), modify it, or delete the data, see Getting Started with Oracle NoSQL Database Tables guide.

    Alternatively, you can use the Oracle NoSQL Database Admin Command Line Interface (CLI) to load your table data using the put table command. For more information, see Admin Command Line Reference (CLI) - put table.

Follow the steps below to view the tables and table data in your store:
  1. Click the + under Oracle NoSQL Connection to view the tables currently available in the store.
  2. Click each table to view its child tables, if any have been created for it.
  3. Expand the accounts table. You should see a nested table listed for this table.
  4. To view the schema definition for a table, double-click the products table.
  5. Click Columns to view Column Name, Data Type, and value specification.
  6. Click Data to view table data.
  7. Click Child Tables to view the child tables available for the corresponding parent table.


  • You can query (read) Oracle NoSQL Database data while simultaneously accessing an Oracle Database.

  • If your Oracle SQL Developer is of a version earlier than 4.2, and you receive incompatibility issues due to discrepancy in different version numbers across NoSQL client and NoSQL server, ensure to import the supporting Oracle NoSQL JAR files to the Oracle SQL Developer library to view the Oracle NoSQL Database tables and the corresponding data successfully.