Changes in 19.5.19

The following changes were made in Oracle NoSQL Database Release 19.5.19 Enterprise Edition.

Bug and Performance Fixes

  1. Fixed a couple of problems that prevented the system from working properly when using recent Java patch releases (Java versions 1.8.0_241, 11.0.6, and 13.0.2). In one case, starting the server would fail with a NullPointerException while handling a remote call, while in the other case a RemoteException was thrown saying that a remote method's interface did not implement Remote.

  2. Improved system behavior in a cluster that is read-only due to multiple node failures. Previously operations would retry until the request timeout has passed. This change detects errors that cause the operation to fail more quickly if it seems that retries will not help. An example is an error indicating that reauthentication may be required.

  3. Fixed a problem that could occur when using the HTTP proxy and drivers on queries with a LIMIT clause. It was possible that some results within the limit would be omitted, but some outside of the limit included.

  4. Fixed a problem where the incorrect math context might be used in queries that use sum() and seq_sum() functions on the Number data type.

  5. Updated the bundled HTTP proxy to a newer version.