Changes in 12cR1.2.1.54

The following changes were made in Oracle NoSQL Database 12cR1.2.1.54.

New Features

  1. Oracle NoSQL Database now offers a client only package. Oracle NoSQL Database Client Software Library is licensed pursuant to the Apache 2.0 License (Apache 2.0). The Apache License and third party notices for the Oracle NoSQL Database Client Software Library may be viewed at here.

  2. A new overloading of the KVStore.storeIterator() and KVStore.storeKeysIterator() implements Parallel Scans. The other storeIterator() methods scan all shards and Replication Nodes in serial order. The new Parallel Scan methods allow the programmer to specify a number of client-side threads that are used to scan Replication Nodes in parallel. [#22146]

Bug and Performance Fixes

  1. Improved error messages in the Data Command Line Interface (kvshell). For example, a put command with invalid inputs might have returned this error message in the past: [#22791]

    kvshell-> put -key /test -value ./emp.insert -file -json Employee
      Could not create JSON from input:
      Unable to serialize JsonNode

    but will now produce this more useful response:

    kvshell-> put -key /test -value ./emp.insert -file -json Employee
    Exception handling command put -key /test -value ./emp.insert -file -json Employee:
      Could not create JSON from input:
      Expected Avro type STRING but got JSON value: null in field Address of Employee
  2. Fixed a bug when using the plan deploy-admin command. In some cases, if an Admin service encountered an error at start up, the process would become unresponsive. The correct behavior is for the process to shut down and be restarted by its owning Storage Node. [#22908]