Changes in 12cR1.3.1.7

The following changes were made in Oracle NoSQL Database 12cR1.3.1.7.

New Features

  1. Added a convenience method on the Table interface to construct a MultiRowOptions instance from a single list of table names and optional FieldRange. [#23807]

  2. Added FieldRange.getField() to return the FieldDef instance that was used to construct the FieldRange object. [#23908]

Bug and Performance Fixes

  1. Fixed a problem that caused index creation on an empty table to take as much as 10 minutes to complete. [#23826]

  2. Fixed a performance regression in the CLI delete command. This fix may result in some delete commands being slower because the problem was an optimization for some delete cases, but in the general case delete will have the same performance it had in release 3.0.5. [#23918]

  3. Removed unnecessary non-topology metadata broadcasts to replica rep nodes. Since only a master rep node can update the metadata for the shard there is no point in attempting to update a replica. With this change two new admin parameters have been added to control the metadata broadcast:

    • broadcastMetadataDelay specifies the broadcast metadata retry delay. This delay is the time between attempts to update RNs when trying to meet the metadata threshold. If not specified, the default delay is 10 seconds.

    • broadcastMetadataThreshold specifies the broadcast metadata threshold. The threshold is the percent of shards that must be successfully updated during a broadcast. If not specified, the default threshold is 20%.

    Note that this fix only affects the broadcast of table and security metadata. The topology broadcast parameters and behavior remain unchanged. [#23362]