Changes in 12cR1.4.2.14

The following changes were made in Oracle NoSQL Database 12cR1.4.2.14.

New Features

  1. This release introduces the Basic Edition. Basic Edition (BE) only contains the server and is distributed under the Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition license. The Basic Edition is functionally identical to Oracle NoSQL Database Community Edition. [#25663]

Bug and Performance Fixes

  1. Fix a bug that was introduced in release 4.2.10 that results in failures when executing some Admin commands. The bug arises after an upgrade, when the store has explicit storage directories. These are the directories used by Replication Nodes and are specified via the plan change-storagedir CLI command or the makebootconfig utility. After the upgrade the verify configuration and some plan CLI commands will fail, with an error reporting that a parameter cannot be represented as long. [#25689]

  2. Fix a bug in the EXPORT utility where it no longer hangs when the number of tables exceeds the fixed number of threads allocated for the operation. [#25717]

  3. Oracle NoSQL Database server will only verify the major and minor versions of Oracle Java SE and not the patch version at makebootconfig time. [#25647]

  4. Primary keys are implicitly not nullable but also have no default values. Marking primary key fields as not nullable or with default values is no longer allowed and the table schema reflects that. This also fixed an upgrade issue related to allowing this in earlier releases. [#25533]