Changes in 20.1.16

The following changes were made in Oracle NoSQL Database Release 20.1.16 Enterprise Edition.

Bug and Performance Fixes

  1. Bug fix for IN operator. When the non-standard version of the IN operator (the one that has a single expression in the right-hand-side) is used and the left-hand-side is a primary key, the compiler would worngly determine that the query is a SINGLE_PARTITION query, instead of ALL_PARTITIONS. As a result, the query will be sent to a single partition, and any results from other partitions would be lost. For example, the bug applies to the following query, if "id" is the primary key column of table Foo:
    declare $arr array(int);
    select * from Foo where id in $arr[]
  2. Fixed a bug in INSERT statement, when the DEFAULT keyword is used as the value of an IDENTITY column. The INSERT statement would throw an exception in this case. The bug exists only when the proxy is used.