New Features in Release 20.1

IN Operator

Added support for the IN operator in SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database. The IN operator provides a convenient way to match one of several equality conditions. For example, the query

SELECT * FROM Foo WHERE a IN (1, 5, 4)

is equivalent to

SELECT * FROM Foo WHERE a = 1 OR a = 5 OR a = 4

Untyped JSON indexes

Before this release, indexing a field inside a JSON document required that the field have a concrete JSON atomic type - one of integer, long, double, number, string, or boolean. If, for some document, the index field value did not conform to the declared type, index creation or the insertion of that document in a table would fail. This release adds support for the new anyAtomic type as a valid type for indexed JSON fields. A field indexed with the anyAtomic type can be of any valid JSON atomic type and the index will store all the heterogeneous values of that field.

General Availability of Multi-Region Tables

Multi-Region Tables have received several improvements in this release and is now considered a general availability feature.

New additions and improvements:

  • Regions can now be added or removed from an existing multi-region table.
  • A multi-region table can be dropped in one region and the associated tables can remain in other regions.
  • Regions can now be added or removed from an existing multi-region table.
  • When creating a multi-region table, the associated tables in remote regions no longer need to be empty.


Multi-Region tables are now only available in the Enterprise Edition.