5 Configuring Multi-Region KVStores

Oracle NoSQL Database supports Multi-Region Architecture in which you can create tables in multiple KVStores, and still maintain consistent data across these clusters. Each KVStore cluster in a Multi-Region Oracle NoSQL Database setup is called a Region. A Multi-Region Table or MR Table is a global logical table that is stored and maintained in different regions. MR Tables maintain consistent data in all the regions. That is, any updates made to an MR Table in one region automatically applies to the corresponding MR Table in all the other participating regions. To learn more about Oracle NoSQL Database Multi-Region Architecture and MR Tables, see Multi-Region Architecture in the Concepts Guide.

You can configure a Multi-Region Oracle NoSQL Database, and create and manipulate the MR Tables using the Oracle NoSQL Database command-line interface (CLI).The remainder of this chapter is organized into four use cases to demonstrate the different features of the Multi-Region Oracle NoSQL Database and MR Tables. The examples provided show you which commands to use and how. For a complete list of all the commands available in the CLI, see Admin CLI Reference.


A child MR table is not supported because of its undefined semantics.