The architecture illustration shows a basic box with three main sections, organized in a top-down design. Occupying the top one-third level, load balancers and web servers manage three application servers. Each server is running a NoSQL database application. In a part of the next two-thirds of the diagram, there is a Traditional Backend Database, to the left of the KVStore. This facility is separate from, but also connected to, the load balancers and web servers. The major focus of the architecture diagram is a KVStore, residing in lower right section of the two-thirds area. The KVStore consists of nine Storage Nodes (SNs). The SNs each host one Replication Node (RN). Three SNs are each running Admin processes. By making a network connection to one of the Admin processes, administrators and other authorized personnel can invoke utilities and the Administrative Command Line Interface (CLI), to perform setup and other tasks. Oracle recommends having more than one Admin for your KVStore, but does not require it.