1 Introduction to Oracle NoSQL Database

Welcome to Oracle NoSQL Database, providing multi-terabyte distributed storage for key-value pairs, with scalable throughput, and great performance. Oracle NoSQL Database services network requests to store and retrieve data, accessing data as either tables or key-value pairs. Oracle NoSQL Database services data requests with low latency, high throughput, and predictable data consistency, based on how you configure the store.

Oracle NoSQL Database uses Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition as its underlying storage engine. For more information about Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition, see Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition.

Oracle NoSQL Database offers full Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations with adjustable durability guarantees. Oracle NoSQL Database is designed with high availability (HA), excellent throughput, and low latency, while requiring minimal administrative interaction.

Oracle NoSQL Database provides performance scalability. To increase performance, you can add hardware. If your performance is sufficient for your needs, you can purchase and manage fewer hardware resources.

Oracle NoSQL Database is designed for applications that require network-accessible data with user-definable read/write performance levels. A typical example is a web application servicing requests across the traditional three-tier architecture: web server, application server, and back-end database. In this configuration, Oracle NoSQL Database should be installed behind the application server, either taking the place of the back-end database, or working alongside it. To make use of Oracle NoSQL Database, you must supply code to run on the application server.

An application makes use of Oracle NoSQL Database by performing network requests against a data store, generically referred to as the KVStore. To make such data requests, you link the Oracle NoSQL Database driver to your application as a Java library (.jar file). Your code can then access any of the Java APIs that the library supplies. See Java Direct Driver Developer's Guide .


Because Oracle NoSQL Database is tested using Java 8, use only that Java version with Oracle NoSQL Database.

You can also use a non-Java language driver to access table data stored in Oracle NoSQL Database. Drivers are available for C, .NET, Node.js, and Python.

Table 1-1 API Driver Reference

Language Driver Documentation
C C Key-Value Driver API Reference
Python Python SDK API Guide
Node.js Node.js SDK API Guide

Oracle NoSQL Database also provides SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database, which is an easy to use SQL-like language that supports read-only queries and data definition (DDL) statements. Use this SQL-like language to access table data for read-only queries and DDL statements.

To follow along with the query examples run with the interactive shell, see SQL Beginner's Guide .

To execute queries using the JAVA API, see Introduction to SQL for Oracle NoSQL Database.

For a more detailed description of the SQL language (DDL, DML, and and queries), see SQL Reference Guide .