NoSQL Database Option Differences

Oracle NoSQL Database Server is available in two different options: Community Edition (CE), and Enterprise Edition (EE).

Community Edition (CE)

Community Edition is available using an open source license, and ships with source code.


The Community Edition is not always at the same release number as EE. For example, Enterprise Edition can be shipping few versions ahead of Community Edition.

Enterprise Edition (EE)

Enterprise Edition requires a commercial license. It does not ship with source code.

Feature Differences between EE and CE

Oracle NoSQL Database Server Enterprise Edition includes new and updated features with each release. However, Community Edition is neither released as frequently as the Enterprise Edition, nor can it support every EE feature. Currently, CE does not support these features:

  • Oracle GeoJSON Data support

  • Kerberos Authentication Service integration

  • Oracle Database External Table integration

  • Oracle Event Processing integration - Streams Processor Engine

  • Oracle Wallet integration for external password storage

  • Multi Region Tables

  • Secure Elastic Search