Introduction to the TimesTen Driver Manager

This section discusses the basic concepts and features of the TimesTen driver manager (TTDM).

TTDM is a lightweight ODBC driver manager that is designed and optimized for use with the TimesTen database. It provides access to TimesTen-specific features, extensions, and ODBC API support, offering 100% equivalent functionality to using the TimesTen direct driver or client/server driver directly.

An application links directly to the TTDM library, and TTDM dynamically loads the relevant ODBC driver libraries and passes ODBC calls from the application as needed. TTDM allows an application to use both direct and client/server connections at the same time.

TTDM offers these advantages over other driver managers:

  • Its performance overhead is negligible.

  • No source code changes or configuration changes are necessary in the application.

TTDM fully supports the TimesTen routing API and, for direct connections, TimesTen XLA and the TimesTen utility API. TTDM does not support XA.

To summarize:

  • If you use only direct connections and have no need to use both direct and client/server connections from the same application process, then link directly with the TimesTen direct driver for maximum performance.

  • If you need an application process to be able to use both direct and client/server connections, then link with TTDM for maximum performance and functionality with no application code changes.

  • If you currently use a generic ODBC driver manager to enable use of both direct and client/server connections from the same process, consider using TTDM for improved performance and full availability of TimesTen features.

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