11 Using GoldenGate as an Alternative to Native Read-Only Cache Groups

Oracle GoldenGate is Oracle's primary data replication and data exchange technology. GoldenGate supports a multitude of databases as sources for data capture as well as targets for data delivery.

TimesTen can be deployed in several ways, including as an in-memory cache for data that resides in an Oracle database. TimesTen provides functionality to enable it to act as a cache for Oracle database. This technology supports both read-only and read-write caching.

If your caching use case is to provide read-only caching, then (in some cases) you may prefer to use GoldenGate to refresh data from the back-end database to the TimesTen cache, instead of using the TimesTen native cache functionality.


While this chapter refers to using GoldenGate for cache refresh, the operation is more accurately identified as unidirectional real-time replication. For the use case described in this document, this distinction is mostly irrelevant.


The Oracle GoldenGate Documentation is the definitive source for information on GoldenGate installation, configuration, and operation. See Using Oracle GoldenGate With TimesTen in the Using Oracle GoldenGate for Heterogeneous Databases guide for a description of features supported and guidelines for preparing the system to support cache refresh using Oracle GoldenGate. This chapter does not duplicate significant information from the GoldenGate documentation, except where it is pertinent to do so.

The following sections describe when and how to use GoldenGate as the cache refresh mechanism for TimesTen: