On UNIX and Linux systems, use this utility to move databases from a TimesTen instance to a new TimesTen instance that is of the same major release, but of a different patchset or patch release. For example, you can move a database from TimesTen to TimesTen


A major release refers to the first two parts of the release number (22.1 above). A patchset release refers to the third part of the release number.

This utility is useful for testing a patchset or patch release of Times with an existing database. You can install the new release of TimesTen and move one or more databases to the new release without uninstalling the old TimesTen release.

You must run the ttAdoptStores utility from the destination instance.

Required Privilege

This utility must be run by the TimesTen Instance Administrator. The instance administrator must be the same user for both the old and new TimesTen instance.

Usage in TimesTen Scaleout and TimesTen Classic

This utility is supported in TimesTen Classic but not supported in TimesTen Scaleout.


ttadoptstores {-h | -help | -?}
ttadoptstores {-V | -version}
ttadoptstores [-quiet] -dspath path
ttadoptstores [-quiet] -instpath path


ttAdoptStores has the options:

Option Description

-dspath path

Adopts a single database. The path argument must be the path to the database files (without any file extensions).




Prints a usage message and exits.

-instpath path

Adopts all databases for an instance. The path argument must be the path to the daemon working directory (the info directory).

If any databases are in use, the utility fails without making any modifications. No new connections to any database are allowed in the source instance until the entire operation has completed.


Do not return verbose messages.

-V | -version

Prints the release number of ttAdoptStores and exits.


To adopt the database /my/data/stores/ds, use:

% ttadoptstores -dspath /my/data/stores/ds

To adopt all the databases in the directory /opt/TimesTen/ instance1, use:

% ttadoptstores -instpath /opt/TimesTen/instance1


  • You cannot adopt temporary databases.

  • If an instance being adopted is part of a replication scheme, port numbers must match on each side of the replication scheme, unless a port number was specified as the value of the -remoteDaemonPort option during a ttRepAdmin -duplicate operation. Generally, all instances involved in the replication scheme must be updated at the same time.

  • This utility does not copy any sys.odbc.ini entries. You must move these files manually.