The ttCacheInfo utility returns change-log table information for all Oracle Database tables cached in a cache group with autorefresh and information about Oracle Database objects used to track DDL statements issued on cached Oracle Database tables. The output provided by this utility is primarily intended for use by TimesTen customer support.

The same output is obtained by running the cacheInfo.sql script installed with TimesTen. See Installed SQL*Plus Scripts in Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Cache Guide.

Required Privilege

This utility requires no privileges.

Usage in TimesTen Scaleout and TimesTen Classic

This utility is supported in both TimesTen Classic and TimesTen Scaleout.


ttCacheInfo  {-h | -help | -?}
ttCacheInfo  {-o OracleNetServiceName}
             {-d DSN}
             {-u CacheAdminUsername}

ttCacheInfo  [-p prompts_OraclePwd]


If you set the CacheAdminWallet connection attribute to 0, the ttCacheInfo utility requires you to provide both the cache administration user name and password. Hence, only the instance administrator can successfully execute ttCacheInfo without specifying a password. See CacheAdminWallet.

If you set the CacheAdminWallet connection attribute to 1, the ttCacheInfo utility requires only the cache administration user name. It retrieves the registered password from the wallet that contains the credentials. Any user that is not the instance administrator must specify the -p option and enter the Oracle cache administration user password when prompted.

In TimesTen Scaleout, the Oracle Wallets are located on data instances. Therefore, you must always run the ttCacheInfo utility from a data instance.

The ttCacheInfo utility supports the options:

Option Description


The DSN of the database whose information is being returned.




Prints a usage message and exits.


The OracleNetServiceName on which to collect the information.


If set, it indicates that ttCacheInfo should prompt for the Oracle cache administration user password.


The cache administration user name.


The following shows the ttCacheInfo output without the -p option

$ ttCacheInfo -o oracledb -u cacheadmin -d rep3a

***************** Database Information*********************
Database name: Database1
Unique database name: database1
Primary database name:
Database Role: PRIMARY
Database Open Mode: READ WRITE
Database Protection Mode: MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE
Database Protection Level: UNPROTECTED
Database Flashback On: NO
Database Current SCN: 1163173
***************Autorefresh Objects Information***************
Host name: host3
Timesten datastore name: /tmp/datastores/database1
Cache table name: customers
Has after insert trigger: YES
Change log table name: TT_07_74698_L
Number of rows in change log table: 2
Maximum logseq on the change log table: 0
Timesten has autorefreshed updates upto logseq: 0
Number of updates waiting to be autorefreshed: 0
Number of updates that has not been marked with a valid logseq:0
****************No DDL Tracking objects are found**************** 
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.