This procedure specifies that the current transaction should be made durable when it is committed. It only has an effect if the application is connected to the database with DurableCommits disabled.

Calling ttDurableCommit also makes durable the current transaction and any previously committed delayed durability transactions. There is no effect on other transactions that are committed after calling ttDurableCommit. ttDurableCommit does not commit transactions. The application must do the commit, for example with a call to SQLTransact.

Required Privilege

This procedure requires no privilege.

Usage in TimesTen Scaleout and TimesTen Classic

This procedure is supported in TimesTen Classic but not supported in TimesTen Scaleout.

Related Views

This procedure has no related views.




ttDurableCommit has no parameters.

Result Set

ttDurableCommit returns no results.


CALL ttDurableCommit ();


Some controllers or drivers may only write data into cache memory in the controller or may write to disk some time after the operating system is told that the write is done. In these cases, a power failure may mean that some information you thought was durably committed does not bear the power failure. To avoid this loss of data, configure your disk to write all the way to the recording media before reporting completion or you can use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).