Use the ttInstanceDestroy utility to destroy an existing instance.

The instance to be destroyed is chosen based on the current setting of the TIMESTEN_HOME environment variable.

Required Privilege

This utility requires the instance administrator privilege.

Usage in TimesTen Scaleout and TimesTen Classic

This utility is supported in TimesTen Classic but not supported in TimesTen Scaleout.


ttInstanceDestroy {-h | -help | -?} [-verbose]

ttInstanceDestroy [-force]


ttInstanceDestroy has the options:

Option Description




Displays help information.


If specified, you are not asked to confirm operations.

If -force is not specified:

  • You are reminded that if you installed the startup scripts for this instance as root, you must uninstall them as root with the setuproot -uninstall command.

  • You are asked for confirmation to destroy the instance.

  • You are asked for confirmation to remove the info and conf directories.


Displays additional TimesTen installation information.