This procedure returns static attributes associated with the caller's use of the replication- based return service. This procedure operates with either the RETURN RECEIPT or RETURN TWOSAFE service.

Required Privilege

This procedure requires no privilege.

Usage in TimesTen Scaleout and TimesTen Classic

This procedure is supported in TimesTen Classic but not supported in TimesTen Scaleout.

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This procedure has no related views.




ttRepSyncGet has no parameters.

Result Set

ttRepSyncGet returns the result set:

Column Type Description



0 (default) - Don't wait for return notification configured with the RETURN RECEIPT BY REQUEST or RETURN TWOSAFE BY REQUEST option.

1 - Wait for the return notification. Commit resets this attribute to its default value of 0 ("off").



Specifies the number of seconds to wait for return service acknowledgment. The default value is 10 seconds. A value of `0' means that there is no wait time.This attribute persists across transaction boundaries and applies to all RETURN services independent of the BY REQUEST option.



The current LOCAL ACTION configuration for RETURN services.

1 (default) - NO ACTION. When a COMMIT times out, it returns the application unblocked, leaving the transaction in the same state it was when the COMMIT began. The application may only reissue the COMMIT.

2 - COMMIT. When the COMMIT times out, the transaction is committed locally. No more operations are possible on this transaction, and the replicated databases diverge. This attribute persists across transactions and for the life of the connection.


To retrieve the caller's requestReturn value, use:

SQLCHAR requestReturn[1];
rc = SQLExecDirect   ( hstmt
                , (SQLCHAR *) "{CALL ttRepSyncGet( NULL )}"
                , SQL_NTS )
rc = SQLBindCol     ( hstmt
                , /* ColumnNumber */      1
                , /* Tarype */      SQL_C_BINARY )
                , /* TargetValuePtr */     requestReturn
                ,./* BufferLength */      sizeof requestReturn
                , /* StrLen_ */         &len );
rc = SQLFetch( hstmt );
if ( requestReturn[0] ) {


  • When called within a standalone transaction, ttRepSyncGet always returns the default value for requestReturn.

  • Applications can call ttRepSyncGet at any point within a transaction in which it is used to request the BY REQUEST return service for that transaction.

  • If you call ttRepSyncGet in a transaction that does not update any RETURN RECEIPT BY REQUEST or RETURN TWOSAFE BY REQUEST replication elements, the call has no external effect.