Running the TimesTen Server

The TimesTen server is a child process of the TimesTen daemon. If you installed the TimesTen server, this process is automatically started and stopped when the TimesTen daemon is started or stopped.

You can explicitly start or shut down the daemon or service with the ttDaemonAdmin utility (use ttGridAdmin instanceExec to run this command on TimesTen Scaleout). The TimesTen server is run as the instance administrator.

The TimesTen server handles requests from applications linked with the TimesTen client driver.

The default port for the TimesTen daemon and the TimesTen server is 6624. See Create a TimesTen full Instance on Linux/UNIX in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation, Migration, and Upgrade Guide. System administrators can change the port number during installation to avoid conflicts or for security reasons. The port range is from 1 - 65535. To connect to the TimesTen server, client DSNs are required to specify the port number as part of the logical server name definition or in the connection string.

For instructions on modifying TimesTen server options, see Modifying the TimesTen Server Attributes.

Server Informational Messages

The TimesTen server records "connect," "disconnect" and various warning, error and informational entries in log files.

On Linux and UNIX, the TimesTen server logs messages to the timesten_home/diag/ttmesg.log and timesten_home/diag/tterrors.log files by default. Optionally, you can configure TimesTen to log messages to the syslog facility.

See Error, Warning, and Informational Messages.