Instance Home Directory and Subdirectories

When you create an instance, each instance includes several subdirectories within $TIMESTEN_HOME.

  • bin: TimesTen utilities and executables tailored and specific to the instance

    This includes ttenv, which sets environment variables appropriately for the TimesTen environment for your session, and, which can be run as root to cause data instances to be automatically started whenever the operating system reboots.

    Note that ttenv also puts the bin directory in your path.

  • conf: Contains the timesten.conf file, which is the TimesTen instance configuration file

  • diag: Diagnostic output, including the daemon log and error log

  • grid: Files and resources for TimesTen Scaleout

  • info: Working directory of the TimesTen daemon, containing persistent state about the TimesTen instance

  • install: Symbolic link referencing the installation associated with this instance.

  • plsql: Contains this subdirectory:

    • utl_file_dir: The only directory that can be read from or written to by PL/SQL blocks using the UTL_FILE package

  • startup: Contains a script that can be added to /etc/init.d to cause the instance to be automatically started at system startup and stopped at system shutdown.


  • TimesTen Scaleout updates configuration files as needed. Do not update them manually.

  • Client-only instances do not include the grid or the startup directories.