Oracle Exadata Database Service on Dedicated Infrastructure provides Oracle's Exadata Database Machine as a service in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data center.

Each Oracle Exadata Database Service on Dedicated Infrastructure instance consists of one or more virtual machine (VM) clusters. The infrastructure resides on Exadata racks in an OCI region.

Your on-premises network or data center connects to your OCI tenancy by using Site-to-Site VPN or OCI FastConnect. Your tenancy connects to the VM clusters through client and backup networks that you create. You access your database through standard Oracle database connection methods, such as Oracle Net. You access the VM clusters through standard Oracle Linux methods, such as token-based Secure Shell (SSH).

Your administrator can use the web-based OCI Console, OCI command-line interface (CLI), and REST APIs to connect to your OCI tenancy over an HTTPS connection. Your tenancy connects to the Oracle service tenancy through the service management virtual cloud network (VCN). The Oracle service tenancy connects to the Exadata infrastructure through the Oracle-managed admin VCN.

Oracle Cloud Operations can use a console or REST APIs over an HTTPS or SSH connection to manage the infrastructure through the Oracle service tenancy and the admin VCN.