About Oracle ASR

Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR) is a secure, scalable, customer-installable software feature of warranty and Oracle Support Services. Oracle ASR provides auto-case generation for common hardware component faults.

Oracle ASR simplifies support operations by automatically generating support records for common component faults. Oracle ASR auto-case generation also accelerates problem resolution by eliminating the need for you to contact Oracle Support Services for common failures. Auto-case generation reduces both the number of phone calls that you make to obtain support and the phone time required for problem resolution. Oracle ASR does not provide system management or monitoring. Oracle ASR is designed to generate Oracle service requests automatically when certain types of faults are detected on Oracle products that are qualified for Oracle ASR.

Oracle ASR works only for specific component faults. Most of the common components, such as disks, fans, and power supplies, are covered. However, some components are not covered. For example, Oracle ASR does not cover RDMA Network Fabric events; there are specific images and specific firmware for the RDMA Network Fabric switch that you must use. You cannot upgrade these components independently.

Oracle ASR is easy to install and deploy. To ensure security, you have complete control over Oracle ASR.


Oracle recommends that you implement a system management and monitoring solution in addition to Oracle ASR, such as Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control or Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.


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