Description of the illustration OEDA_web_ILOM_network_18_2_0

This image is a partial screenshot of the OEDA Rack Networks configuration page. On the top of the page is the title Oracle Engineered System Configurator. On the left-side of the page are the navigation links. The links shown in this image are, in order from top to bottom, Hardware, Operating System, Rack Networks (highlighted), Users, Clusters, Diskgroups, Database Home, Database, and Cluster Networks.

The main body of the page has the following elements, in order from top to bottom, and left to right.

If you check the Separate ILOM Network box, a new section appears on the page, with a heading of ILOM followed by a dividing line. The fields in this section are the same as previously mentioned, except there is no check box for Default gateway for database servers.