Description of the illustration roce_network_diagram

The network diagram has the following components:

There are three networks shown in the diagram. The Client Access network, Management network, and the Private RoCE network.

The Client Access network is bonded (bondeth0), and connects to Net1 and Net2 of the database server.

The Management network connects to the two PDUs and the Ethernet switch. From the Ethernet switch, it connects to Net0 and ILOM of the database server, Net0 and ILOM of the Exadata Storage Server, and to each of the RoCE switches.

The Private RoCE network connects RE0 on the database server through one RoCE switch to RE0 on the Exadata Storage Server and RE1 on the database server through the other RoCE switch to RE1 on the Exadata Storage Server.

A note in the Legend states that BONETH0 can be either copper or optical links.