The screenshot shows the Buffer Pool Advisory report from the Automatic Workload Repository. The report is a table with the columns P, Size for Est (M), Size Factor, Buffers (thousands), Est Phys Read Factor, Estimated Phys Reads (thousands), Est Phys Read Time, and Est %DBtime for Rds. The values in the columns are ordered as follows:
  • Size for Est (M): lowest (4,992) to highest (99,840)

  • Size Factor: lowest (0.10) to highest (1.97)

  • Buffers (thousands): lowest (584) to highest (11,670)

  • Est Phys Read Factor: highest (3.30) to lowest (0.03)

  • Estimated Phys Reads (thousands): highest (1,115,122) to lowest (11,059)

  • Est %DBtime for Rds: highest (116408.00) to lowest (958.00)

The column P has the value D for each row and the column Est Phys Read Time has the value 1 for each row.