Description of the illustration quorum_vm.png

The figure shows two database nodes: exa1 and exa2.

The first host (exa1) contains two guest VMs: exa1vm1 and exa1vm2.

The second host (exa2) also contains two guest VMs: exa2vm1 and exa2vm2.

RAC cluster 1 contains exa1vm1 and exa2vm1, with quorum disks at /dev/exadata_quorum/QD_DATAC1_EXA1VM1 and /dev/exadata_quorum/QD_DATAC1_EXA2VM1.

RAC cluster 2 contains exa1vm2 and exa2vm2, with quorum disks at /dev/exadata_quorum/QD_DATAC2_EXA1VM2 and /dev/exadata_quorum/QD_DATAC2_EXA2VM2.