Description of the illustration X10M DB Server Front

The image is a picture of the front of the server. On the far left is a panel with the serial number. Above this panel is another panel with the server LEDs (Top Fan, Rear PS, Temperature, SP, Locator, Service Action Required, OK, and Do Not Service) and the power button. To the right of the serial number and LEDs are four slots. In this picture, the two bottom slots (0–1) contain 3.84 TB NVMe drives. Each drive has LEDs on the left side (OK to Remove, Service Action Required, and OK). The other two slots (2-3) contain fillers. On the far right is a panel that shows the Oracle logo, the server name (Exadata Database Server X10M), and a QR code that links to service information. A vented panel that covers most of the server frontage is between the drive slots and the far right panel.