Description of the illustration X10M Storage Server EF Rear

The image is a picture of the rear of the server. On the far left are two power supplies with LEDs and power cable sockets. The sockets are labeled PS0 and PS1.

To the right of the power supplies are a series of slots. The left-most slot is unlabeled. The other slots are PCIe5 slots, which are numbered 1 to 9 (from left to right).

The RoCE Network Fabric card is in slot 5. It contains two RoCE Network Fabric ports, labeled 1 and 2.

The unused PCI slots contain filler panels.

To the right of the power supplies and along the bottom of the server are the following items (from left to right):

  1. The Locator LED is between slot 1 and slot 2. Below the Locator LED, there is a pin hole to access the ILOM SP reset button.

  2. Between slot 3 and slot 4 reside the following (from left to right):

    1. One RJ45 Ethernet port labeled NET 0, which supports the administration network.

    2. One RJ45 Ethernet port labeled NET MGT, which supports connectivity to the ILOM Service Processor (SP).

    3. A USB port.

  3. The server LEDs are between slot 5 and slot 6. The LEDs are the Fault-Service Required LED, and the Power/System OK LED.

  4. An RJ45 serial Ethernet port, which is labeled SER MGT, is located between slot 6 and slot 7.