Description of the illustration x78_front

The image is a picture of the front of the Oracle Server X7-8. On the far left is a panel with the serial number. To the right of this panel and at the top is a panel with the LEDs and power buttons. This LED panel is for two systems, A and B. Each side has a power button and the following LEDs: Locate, Service Action Required, OK, SP, Temperature, Rear Fault-Service Require. There are also CMOD Service Required LEDs which span both halves, numbered 0 to 7.

Below the LED panel are the four power supplies, with PS0 and PS1 for system B at the bottom and PS2 and PS3 for system A at the top. Each power supply had the following LEDs: Locate, OK, AC OK.

In the middle of the server are the eight fan modules. The fan modules are labeled FM0 through FM7, with 1,3,5, and 7 in the top row and 0, 2, 4, and 6 in the bottom row. Each fan module has two LEDs: Fault-Service Required, OK. In the lower left corner of each fan module is a lime green release button. Each set of four fan modules is located within a fan frame. At the top of the fan frame are the instructions for accessing the CMOD:

  1. Set system to standby

  2. Remove 4 Fan Modules

  3. Remove Fan Frame

  4. Remove CMOD

On the far right of the image is the Sun/Oracle logo, and the Server X7-8 designation. Also on the right side of the server is the System Map, showing the power supplies, Fan Modules, and CMODs, their locations, and whether they are for System A or System B. in the bottom right corner of the server is the Intel XEON inside logo.